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I first started teaching music when I was 18 years old. My mom asked me to teach beginning guitar to her 2nd grade class. It was a lot of fun and so inspiring to see their progress and hear about their love of music years later. Music has brought me enjoyment my whole life, a sentiment I’ve heard over and over from fellow musicians, students and music lovers alike.

I enjoy playing any style of guitar, and I love teaching students the type of music that inspires them to play more and learn guitar faster. I always teach a complete course to my students, including fundamentals of technique, practice skills, and musical knowledge. You will learn scales, chords, picking, fingerpicking, songs, reading music and tab, hammer-ons, pull-offs, blues improvisation, and much more. And for those students who are interested in an advanced course study, I am a master jazz musician and can help you navigate the tricky methods of improvisation, jazz chords and melody embellishments that are indicative of jazz style guitar.

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